painting services

painting services

 mini's of all sizes 15mm - 54mm and over

15mm - 25mm £1.10 per fig
28mm - 32mm £2.50 per fig
54mm              £5.00 per fig

basing extra    (please contact)

flames of war : got some minis that need paint but just don't have the time to paint them
                         let me do it for you at a low  price .

Infantry @ £1.10 each*
Small Vehicles @ £4.50*

Tanks  @   £8.00 each*
Tanks/Halftracks with camo patterns @£10.00

30p extra for inf camo  
Small Anti Tank/HMG/Mortar with crews @£5.50-£6.00
Guns/Large A/T\Anti Aircraft with crews @ £11.00 
Basing per stand 20p
Extra/basing 50p - @£1.00
SMG team up to 5 figs per base @£5.50  

p&p to be added to the total cost

i now have a  battlefront trade account so i can offer you a great price on every thing flames of war
be it painted or unpainted

deposit of 20% will be needed up front before work starts

feel free to email me for a price at 

all payments made by paypal 

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